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Is Learning PDR Going to Be for You?

If anyone is thinking about getting into paintless dent removal as a career, you might consider watching this informative video. There are many things to consider beyond just a good pdr school.  It generally has to do with your own personality and demeanor.

Unfortunately, there are many “newbies” out there who jump at the first and cheapest opportunity to get into PDR. This causes a big ripple in the PDR industry because from the start, they realize it was much harder than they thought. They have no choice but to attempt a career. But how do they get into the market? Generally most PDR techs are not that good when they start. Well, it’s called low balling. Bringing the market down and disrespecting the “art” as an ordinary trade. It’s not. Because when that “newbie” realizes he made a mistake or can’t cut it, the damage has been done.

Most who attend a one week PDR course or school, fail within 6 months and give up because they don’t have the extra money to get real good one on one PDR training.  Watching this video will help you understand some insight about the truth when it comes to PDR training.


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