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New PDR Glue Tabs for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians

Looking for paintless dent repair / removal glue tabs that prove how well they perform in the field? Check out the Atlas pdr glue tabs. They are incredibly strong and pull out deep and nasty dents. These new pdr glue tabs are sure to get you in gear and assist your with all your pdr glue pull repairs. Visit AutoLecture.com for pricing and more info

Bumper Time Releases New Paint Repair Video with New Site – San Diego

Staying fresh in the automotive appearance industry takes some work especially when most other companies piggy back from other popular companies.

Bumper Time Inc, in San Diego, Ca – a sub division of Dent Time, LLC was created a new makeover from top to bottom and still in the new design stage. You’ll notice the website is very clean, bright and modern with lots of functions, galleries, polls and some upcoming surprises.

Their new video about mobile paint scratch repair was intended for their target audience who has scratches in their vehicle but might have been skeptical about the results. Bumper Time, INC. demonstrates it not only can be done but done right, on site. Of course having a well produced video helps maintain the viewers attention and capturing a sale.

So when you have a chance, check out BumperTime.com and see what’s new.

New Website for Dent Time is Coming Along – Auto Reconditioning

Dent Time Paintless Dent Repair / Removal San DiegoDent Time is currently building a live prototype site called www.DentRepairSanDiego.com that will become the official site of DentTime.com Although this domain will remain live, DentTime.com is planning to have a similar site with a bit more goodies.

Myke Toledo who is the President of Dent Time, LLC works on his own websites and thoughtfully plans out a mega information site for his future customers. From high definition educational videos to informative FAQ’s pages that give the visitor all the information they could ever need. Myke Toledo says he wants the visitor to have the choice to read or watch about the services offered. Also inform his future clients why there is a difference between companies and quality. “I have a lot of passion for the auto recon industry and so why not show it”, says Myke Toledo. Myke also states his goal is to have his site become the most interactive site with live video streaming, chat and online training sessions. He’s already been creating pdr training downloads and free videos to view on Youtube.

He doesn’t quite know when he will launch the new site but it’s a matter of feel and being satisfied. “It seems I’m never satisfied and I feel I have a disease. Every time I think I am happy with my work, I think I can do better.”, Myke explains. “That is my biggest problem and sometimes it holds me back.” Myke told us that he has a lot of open projects and in between that, he consults other companies and trains pdr privately to students from all over the world. Training was another motivation for creating a new web site so his future students can actually educate themselves why there is a difference where you get your pdr training and how.

Keep checking out www.DentRepairSanDiego.com for Myke Toledo’s latest updates.

Paintless Dent Repair Training / Body Line BMW M3

My name is Myke Toledo and I would like to share my body line paintless dent repair I performed on a BMW M3. The dent took over 2 hours to do. If you are looking into pdr training, then you should consider really understand that paintless dent removal is not nearly as easy as it appears.

But back to the subject. A body line dent requires advanced training and understanding how the metal reacts when pushed a certain way with a certain tool. Mainly it is the paint finish you have to worry about. Unlocking the metal helps the paint finish to become more flexible. I used heat in the video as you can see and it helped tremendous. Without using heat, this dent repair would not have been successful. In the early days, a dent like this would not have been even considered for pdr. But today, I have the experience, the latest tools and most of all patience.

No matter how long or your experience, if you don’t understand how to be patient or manage your time, you will rush and not get the best result possible. Anyways, I hope you liked the light pdr dent repair tutorial.

Long Island, NY – Mobile Auto Paintless Dent Repair / Door Ding Removal PDR – Dent Doctor New York

Long Island, New York -If you happen to need a ding or minor dent removed from your vehicle that requires no painting, then contact the Dent Doctor of New York. They have been perfecting the art of paintless dent repair for over 15 years! From door dings to creases, your vehicle is restored back to pre-accident condition without sanding or painting. Most of all, your vehicle will sustain its factory finish and you save time and money. Most paintless dent repairs are completed within 1 hour or less. Come visit their shop locations or request mobile service to your home or office. Check out DentDoctorNy.com today!

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