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PDR Companies offer More than one Service – Bumper, Wheel, Scratch Repair

Seems these days more and more paintless dent repair companies are either forming their own auto reconditioning companies or sub contracting the work out. Either way it adds more profit to the bottom line. Bumper repair alone can earn $250k a year. Wheel repair $100k plus. Why not? If you have an organized plan and a good team, your own your way to success.

Franchises are really not the way to go though. You can achieve the same thing on your own but if you have already experience in the industry, it’s really not hard. The hardest is getting the right honest, dependable and responsible technicians. Oh did I forget, quality is always a must too.

The future is a well rounded company who can offer all the services with affordable good service. Not cheap, I said “affordable”. If you realize your service has value, your customers will too. It’s just the way it goes. You play the low ball game, you then become the game. You’ll be forever caught up in it until you burn out. Well enough about that.

The best advice I can give is to pace yourself. Pay attention to your business plan, keep your budget and market towards the internet. Maintain balance and don’t let your wheel get wobbly. Other wise you are heading for a shaky ride.

Everything has it’s dues. Bumper and wheel repair can have very picky people. Problems can happen like dust, runs, fish eyes, unmatched paint and so forth. But everything has it’s payoff as well. If you are willing to go through some learning challenges and adventures, you’ll get to the end of the tunnel. If you’re worried about failing, then you should be more worried about not succeeding .

Las Vegas Mobile Auto Window Tinting – Car – Residential – Commercial Tint

ReconExpress.com is proud to announce a new member J & E Window Tinting who joined our exclusive mobile window tinting listing for Las Vegas. Steve who is the owner is getting on board at the right time. Las Vegas is one of the most hottest cities around and not to mention competetive as well. Lots of cars, lots of window tinters too. But that’s where we come in. We’ll help Steve at J & E mobile auto window tinting stand out from the crowd.


Look for him and his company soon. Coming to a car window near you! Contact Steve today at 702.349.9126

Custom PDR Video Created for Johnny Dents Makes Seeing Believing! Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

We recently created a custom video for JohnnyDents.com in Philadelphia. John also covers South New Jersey as well. His paintless dent repair / removal company wanted a more effective and creative way to get his future customers attention. So we went to work and came up with the video you see below.


 Reconxpress.com continues to set the standard for professional marketing and campaigns targeting the online market for automotive reconditioning. As a web automotive reconditioning directory, we realize the world wide web is rapidly growing faster than can be imagined. Video is the next biggest thing and the easiest to learn information rapidly. What better way than to make a movie or web commercial about a service?

What makes our service so unique is the presentation. Compelling high impact video campaigns that get the attention of a viewer right away. In most cases, you have only 5 seconds to do so or they move on. ReconExpress.com continues to improve on design, presentation and marketing. It’s our passion and nobody has more of it than us!

Let us prove it and contact us today! 

Professional Line Board Manual Hits the Streets for Paintless Dent Repair/Ding Removal PDR

Official Release – PDR Line Board Manual for Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Time blog wrote: Finally after months of photos and tech sessions, we created a manual regarding our line board. This paintless dent repair (PDR) line board was created to help those who either struggle in the PDR industry, newbies, and veteran techs who just simply want to learn more about the reflection.

This manual can also be purchased at PDRCoach.com. (An online store for pdr videos, tips n tricks.)

As the PDR trade gets bigger, the demand for information also gets bigger. From videos, tools and manuals, you’ll find it now on the web. This particular training product is more geared for introduction about how the line reflection is used with paintless dent repair. More chapters will be added for the “advanced pdr tips n tricks” in the near future. These future articles will include, deep creases, extreme big dents, glue pulling and more.

Video Presentation now available.


Lines Don’t Lie – The Paintless Dent Repair Reflection Line Board is for Sale at AutoLecture.com

AutoLecture.com offers the unique line board used for paintless dent repair and door ding removal. The special board uses 1/4″ straight lines that reflect a curvature pattern across the dent. The more you turn the board outward, the more detail is shows. Veteran PDR techs who use fog, also can use this board to crosscheck their work and get different perspectives.

Even at that, the line board offers an additional tool for any current PDR tech, new or veteran. It’s made from a high gloss plexy glass with detailed beveled edges. this board reflects well even on a white car on a sunny day. Although it is always to best to use a shade board for additional contrast when working on light cars. Here’s a demo video.


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