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Paintless Dent Repair/Removal – Line Board Manual

Line Board gets a manual created for new beginner and advanced PDR techs. It appears there is a demand for learning new ways to read a dent. Here is an article written on our other blog about the paintless dent repair manual

This PDR Line Board manual will seem to help the average PDR tech fine tune his/her finishing techniques. It’s not just about the lines though. There are techniques for vision and sight, stances, being efficient with minimal tools, knocking down procedures, crowns and much more. We also forgot to mention, the PDR manual has fantastic diagrams with very understandable step by step sequences. Expect to see this on the market late October from AutoLecture.com

Los Angeles Bumper Repair Company Uses Waterborne Paint

Los Angeles – SOS Bumper is the first to set the trend for mobile waterborne paint repair. The word on the streets is all body shops and mobile bumper and paint techs will have to be compliant between 2009-2010.

SOS Bumper, which is actually a sub division of SOS Dent in Los Angeles, already purchased the Glasurit waterborne paint system.
David (Owner of SOS Bumper and Dent) says, “It’s been a real pain in the butt setting up the van because this is new territory for us.” He also mentions, “Most reps didn’t really know about the full reactions about the paint and the pros and con’s.” The pros, it lays on nicely and pretty much everything is the same. But.. the in between time for drying is not so great. For most body shops, it’s not such a big deal. The difference with waterborne and oil base paint is the dry time and the methods. Oil base uses lights, heat and UV lights to cure the paint. Waterborne uses forced air.

The problem with forced air is it might blow dust onto the fresh paint and trap debris if not in a controlled environment. “It’ll be a little challenging but we are eager to see how its going to be”, says David.

Waterborne paint seems to be the future. As a mobile auto reconditioning owner myself, in my opinion, I believe the auto paint industry will have later updates with new technology just for these reasons. Besides, they have a soon to be huge mobile market to cater to!

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Windshield Protection Film – No More Rock Chips!

This content was taken from Proline Windshield

Proline Windshield Skins (PWS) is an auto clear protective window film applied to the exterior surface of a windshield. Its purpose is to prevent damage from ordinary highway rock strikes and other road debris. Impacts which shatter unprotected glass leave only a minimal pin-point on the film, preserving its optical clarity. Like glass, PWS is scratch resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions (including windshield wipers). PWS also provides optical clarity and UV protection. The film is virtually invisible and is guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow, for the warranted life of the product (see Features and Benefits for warranty details) therefore the driver’s vision is not impaired.

There are three main benefits in installing PWS:
• Impact resistance against normal road hazards.
• UV stabilizers which reduce vehicle heat, prolonging interior life.
• Faster run-off rain, snow and other elements, providing better visibility.

Some other Features & Benefits:

Scratch Resistant – PWS is a hard-coated film that features much the same scratch resistant qualities as glass and protects against normal abrasions such as windshield wipers.

Remains Adhered to Windshield – the adhesive used is strong enough that high-powered car wash streams do not cause the film to lift. Although the PWS is not permanent it has a unique adhesive that keeps the film adhered tightly to the windshield. If the PWS needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed using a semi-sharp instrument, such as a knife blade, to lift up one corner of the film. Proceed by pulling the film with constant pressure, after the film is removed completely use a basic soap and water solution to clean off any adhesive residue (additional details on the removal of PWS is available).

Two-year Limited Warranty – PWS offers a Two-year or 24,000 mile Warranty.

Weather Repellant – Yes the product repels rain and snow to give the driver a clearer and safer viewing during driving (performs similar to Rain-X).

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Training to Learn PDR Isn’t Easy (Paintless Dent Repair)

Ferarri DinoOne thing about training and learning paintless dent removal/repair (PDR), is that it sure isn’t easy at it appears. We took a post from Dent Time’s blog written by Myke Toledo who explains more about what you should know if you are interested learning more about training in the art of paintless dent repair (PDR).

Are you thinking of learning or training in paintless dent repair or removal? Have you been looking around and getting information and getting the REAL FAQ’s about PDR? In case you haven’t, we would like to inform you the real truth about PDR.

As easy as paintless dent removal may seem or look, it’s not. Did you ever notice when somebody makes something appear so easy you think you can do it in no time? We thought so. That’s because it takes time and experience to develop such a skill. It’s the same with PDR. Not only does it take time to learn but more important, who you learn from and how much time you put in during and after your PDR training.

We here at Dent Time we know the many pitfalls and deceptions of paintless dent repair training. Our topic has multiple meanings about PDR not being easy. Here are a few we will discuss.
Dino BeforeDino After

#1 Choosing the Right PDR Company for Training

BEWARE! Many so called schools try to entice you with hotel packages, free lunch, giant tool packages and accessories (we’ll get to that later on another post). But what they really fail to concentrate on is the reason you’re there, and that’s good PDR training.

The Longer Your PDR Dent Training, The Better!

Time well spent is the essence. The longer you get to absorb what you learn the better your practice will become. Not to mention, your learning curve is much faster. Unless you are going to do advanced PDR classes, 4 weeks is the minimum you should take. Why you ask? Can you imagine learning years of experience from just one week? It’s hard enough to learn in 4 weeks let alone in less. You see, if you don’t give your self a chance to absorb what you learn, you’ll forget in the real world. With most schools, you are totally alone after you complete your course. Fat chance of you getting a hold of the instructor when you’re stuck too. There’s a lot to learn.

Get a Hold of the PDR Trainer/Instructor

It’s important you talk to the trainer or instructor before you actually commit your hard earned money. Bypass the sales person (Which should be a flag!) and ask for the person you are going to learn paintless dent repair from. This will tell you if they are really committed more than you! Ask lots of questions and we mean real questions.

Here are a few. Am I going to learn on all panels or just hood panels? Will I be working in the same environment/situation everyday? How much personal attention do you spend with me? How many people are going to be in my class? What is your success rate? Do you have other students that came from your school that can testify about your training? Do they have websites? Do you personally follow up on my progress after the training?

After asking these specific questions, you should have a good idea of what’s to come.

Later we’ll continue to post more topics about paintless dent repair training and interviews from other well respected PDR training companies.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding your concerns and give opinions about this paintless dent repair/removal PDR training.

Bang 4 Your Buck Advertising – Auto Reconditioning

Attention All Auto Reconditioning Companies! Paintless Dent Repair/Removal(PDR) – Plastic Bumper Repair- Wheel/Rim Repair

If you happen to be in the auto reconditioning business, you probably have been through the ringer with advertisement costs and let downs. We all know in the past, phone books worked but there was a hefty price to pay. Some cases, you might have barely broke even or just simply didn’t come out on top. As the years went, the web grew stronger and the phone books became less and less effective but still had the same price tag! Same goes for direct marketing. This type of advertising is more like gambling. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. In most cases if your charge ticket average is not high enough, you usually break even, barely make a profit or none at all. There were other ways to advertise your auto recon services but how long did it last? Did the advertisers you pay really care if you were making money?

Well, we decided to change things up. After years of advertising and getting no loyalty or breaks from advertisers, we knew we could give a BANG 4 YOUR BUCK! Auto reconditioning is still very new to the public and is just scratching the surface. We at ReconExpress.com took a deep look on the web and understood many auto reconditioning companies and individual technicians needed something built for them. We concentrated on promoting auto recon services such as paintless dent removal, plastic bumper repair, mobile auto body & paint, wheel/rim repair and so forth.

Our goal is to promote your company like one of our own. We sign up only ONE EXPERIENCED auto reconditioning company for one major city. If available, that one company can purchase multiple services in that area. That’s not it. We design custom marketing ads that you can use for your own web campaigns, such as a Craigslist ad and other online advertising (See Craiglist ad). Our services can even help you develop a stronger and much bigger identity in the auto reconditioning market. We even have a team of video specialist who can create a custom video for your website, youtube or anything else you see fit.

We at ReconExpress.com invite you to come visit what we have to offer. We also invite you to please ask questions or comment about this really unique opportunity for online auto recon advertising.

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