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South New Jersey Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / PDR Removal

Johnny Dents Craigslist Ad
Johnny Dents offers professional mobile paintless dent repair and door ding removal to South New Jersey including Cherry hill, Turnersville, swell, Mt.laurel, burlington, Princeton, Hamilton square and Philadelphia.

Johnny Dents is one of the most passionate PDR companies around. He’ll never say no to a challenge. Before you bring your vehicle to a pricey and time consuming body shop, give Johnny Dents a call first. He just may save you an insurance claim and save your vehicle’s original finish and resale value.

Did you know? Once you make a claim to your insurance, your vehicle is reported to “carfax” which then informs any future buyer about your vehicle history – including accidents. With paintless dent removal, there is no insurance involved, no reports, no painting, no waiting and no hassle. It’s a win, win situation.

Call Johnny Dents today at 1.877.350.DENT (3368) or visit their official website for more info.

If you are not in this area and need a PDR company in your local area, please visit ReconExpress.com

San Francisco Bay Area – Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

Dent Crew of San Francisco Bay Area mobile paintless dent repair / removal (PDR) offers high quality results at affordable prices.

No need to take your vehicle to a collision shop if the paint has not been or severely damaged. Dent Crew comes to your home or office and usually within 30-60 minutes, your dings and dents are restored back to pre-accident condition without using paint or fillers. WATCH HOW PDR IS PERFORMED.

Need an estimate for your dings or dents? Please email Dent Crew your photos by clicking here. If you have questions about Dent Crew’s services, please contact them direct at 415-238-3090.

If you are not from San Francisco Bay Area, please visit ReconExpress.com to find a local technician near you.

Learning About Fog Reflection – Paintless Dent Repair/Removal PDR

Learning About Reflections – Paintless Dent Repair/Removal PDR

This article was written by Vince from Dents No More in Orange County, California. He’s a PDR tech who has been performing professional PDR since 1994. A “fog” reflection specialist who explains the use of his reflection.

Written By Vince from DentsNoMore.com

FOG 101

When using a fog board to repair a dent, using the paintless dent removal technique, board placement and lighting are critical. The whole purpose of using a fog board (reflection board) is to see the damage better. The board itself is usually yellow or white. The line is painted on with a flat black can of spray paint. One single line down the middle with the over spray acting as the fog. The over spray is crucial mainly because that is the fog! Not too much and not too little. The purpose of the fog is to see depth of the dent and to highlight the natural orange peel of the panel. It also helps you see the tip of your tool better, which allows better-controlled pushes. When outside, most people that use fog boards will try to have the sun behind them to light up the fog board. When inside lighted fog boards come in handy.

With a single line reflection board there are two pictures you can see inside the dent. Think: Negative and positive.

What happens is if you use the side closest to the skin of the car the dent is shaded down the middle on one side of the dent. If you shift your head and look at the reflection of the dent on the topside of the board the opposite side of the dent will be shaded. The whole purpose of this is to find the middle of the dent. Where the black and yellow meet is where the center of the dent is. Now you can start pushing. For years many skilled body men use to start on the outside of the dent and shrink the metal in towards the middle. This is not true with PDR. With our theory, by making precise pushes in the center circling out, the metal regains its strength. Layer by layer, push by push. In a crease type dent a zipper technique is used. Starting at one end and zig zagging through the dent. Once again, layer by layer. It is crucial to remember each push made effects the previous and the next push. As the dent is being removed layer by layer, the board must be moved farther and farther away. When starting out the board will be about one foot away from the dent. When finishing the dent, the board can be as much at four feet away from the dent.

Paintless Dent Repair / Removal PDR – Big Dents

With the gas prices being so high these days, it is no surprise the sheet metal on vehicles are getting thinner and thinner. Obviously it is to help the cars get a better MPG for the consumer. The bad thing is, it doesn’t take much to dent these new vehicles.

An average shopping cart running into your vehicle can cost perhaps $300-$1000 at a body shop, depending where it was hit and the color of your vehicle. The sheet metal is so thin that it stretches more and becomes bigger than if it was thicker gage metal.

Today, paintless dent removal companies are a perfect solution for most of these problems. Although in the past, PDR technicians were limited on the type and size of dents they could perform paintless dent repair on. It is recommended you be cautious who you choose. The skill and experience relies on the individual tech himself.

Big dents take not only experience to remove but lots of patience. Using the right tools and equipped with a light reflection to help them navigate through the repair process is key. Above we use Dent Time as an example of just how big of dents can be achieved. Some can be removed completely and some can’t be removed completely but greatly improved w/out paying costly body shop prices.

For more information regarding using a PDR company near you, please visit ReconExpress

Dallas – Fort Worth Mobile Paintless Dent Removal – Bumper Repair

Dallas – Fort Worth Mobile Paintless Dent Remvoval – Bumper Repair

First Impressions Auto Care is an all around auto reconditioning company serving the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area. From paintless dent removal to spot paint repairing, these guys do it all and with quality too!

Jon and Brian are brothers who own the company and run a tight ship when it comes to dedicated quality along with quick and fast service. Their business has been built on hours of dedication to get their company to grow and grow.

First Impressions Auto Care also maintains a very professional image. From their uniforms and vehicles to their website www.fixmyrides.com You’ll understand why these guys are the leader when it comes to professional mobile auto reconditioning.

Services offered:

Paintless dent removal, hail and door ding repair
Plastic bumper scuff and scratch repair
Key scratch and spot repairs
Paint touch up
Interior repair
Wheel/rim repair

Most repairs are completed in 1-3 hours at your home or office! Call today for your free phone quote at 817.874.3424

If you need a local auto reconditioning company in your area, please visit reconexpress.com

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