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Paintless Dent Repair / Removal PDR – Big Dents

With the gas prices being so high these days, it is no surprise the sheet metal on vehicles are getting thinner and thinner. Obviously it is to help the cars get a better MPG for the consumer. The bad thing is, it doesn’t take much to dent these new vehicles.

An average shopping cart running into your vehicle can cost perhaps $300-$1000 at a body shop, depending where it was hit and the color of your vehicle. The sheet metal is so thin that it stretches more and becomes bigger than if it was thicker gage metal.

Today, paintless dent removal companies are a perfect solution for most of these problems. Although in the past, PDR technicians were limited on the type and size of dents they could perform paintless dent repair on. It is recommended you be cautious who you choose. The skill and experience relies on the individual tech himself.

Big dents take not only experience to remove but lots of patience. Using the right tools and equipped with a light reflection to help them navigate through the repair process is key. Above we use Dent Time as an example of just how big of dents can be achieved. Some can be removed completely and some can’t be removed completely but greatly improved w/out paying costly body shop prices.

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