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Custom PDR Video Created for Johnny Dents Makes Seeing Believing! Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

We recently created a custom video for in Philadelphia. John also covers South New Jersey as well. His paintless dent repair / removal company wanted a more effective and creative way to get his future customers attention. So we went to work and came up with the video you see below.

[youtube][/youtube] continues to set the standard for professional marketing and campaigns targeting the online market for automotive reconditioning. As a web automotive reconditioning directory, we realize the world wide web is rapidly growing faster than can be imagined. Video is the next biggest thing and the easiest to learn information rapidly. What better way than to make a movie or web commercial about a service?

What makes our service so unique is the presentation. Compelling high impact video campaigns that get the attention of a viewer right away. In most cases, you have only 5 seconds to do so or they move on. continues to improve on design, presentation and marketing. It’s our passion and nobody has more of it than us!

Let us prove it and contact us today! 

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