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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) “Pushes” into Minor Collision Repair


Mobile Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and minor dent repair is reaching new heights!

For some time now, PDR has been pushing the envelope on just how big and complex a dent can be fixed. PDR is reaching new heights and becoming such a respected craft major insurance companies are considering PDR a first choice if the paint has not been damaged. Here below you will witness a quite large and complex dent repair performed by Dent Time

The limits of paintless dent removal are being “pushed” literally and physically! In fact there actually might be a new nick name, (PCR). Which stands for “Paintless Collision Repair.” We’re joking a little though. The limits of PDR are endless as long as the paint has not been damaged. Although, not any ordinary PDR tech can achieve dents like you just saw. It takes determination, patience and skill to gain successful and consistent results for such complex dents.

Advanced PDR Training is recommended to gain new techniques to speed up one’s learning curve instead of the old trial and error.

Please visit ReconExpress.com for more info or find a local technician in your area.

Video Dent/Crease Repair – Paintless Dent Removal Training (PDR)

Denttime.com of San Diego paintless dent repair, removes a crease and demonstrates precise tool tip control. You can also visit their blog.

Removing creases can be pretty tricky for the most part. Imagine taking a piece of paper, folding it and then trying to iron the line out.

Performing paintless dent repair with creases take precise tool tip control. We use a special and unique board called the “Lines.” This line board basically is point of reference. It tells us where to push, if the metal is going outward or inward. As you watch the video, be aware the tool is being wedged between the impact beam and the skin of the panel. A very thin tool as you see in the video (whale tail) is used for applying pressure with one side of the blade. Perfect pushes blend the dent into the orange peel. Depending on how deep a crease is, the results vary between 90-100% removal.

If you are planning to have PDR done in the near future and you are not in San Diego, please note, repairs vary depending on the individual experience of your PDR technician. Find a local PDr tech in your area and visit reconexpress.com for a PDR tech near you.

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