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PDR Industy Flooded?

This subject can go either way. In this day and age with the economy up and down, it’s really hard to tell what the paintless dent repair / removal PDR industry will be like for retail. One thing is for sure though. The wholesale market for PDR is in the toilet. Unfortunately, PDR is also (auto recon) in general looses money every year if you plan to make a living in the wholesale market. Sure you can discount your price off of volume but 10 years ago, you would have made triple what you can now. Car dealerships (most) only care about price and when that is the only priority, then a frenzy starts. Low ball here and low ball there. But that will always be and always will because PDR techs in general don’t get it and it’s pathetic.

Far as the retail it has huge potential. But then again, I am beginning to see the signs of the wholesale rant as well. Marketing your PDR business is huge. But it’s not effective if you don’t plan and execute it well. Low balling is not a plan. It’s a desperate act of fear and not knowing anything about business that causes this effect. Smart marketing and studying your market will pay off big time. Find the needs of your potential clients and capitalize on it.

Setting up your plan is easy. But as always following through is another. There are numerous ways to get noticed.

#1 is the web. But how can you get noticed if you don’t have a website? Oh, you already have a website? Is it optimized? Search engine friendly? Appealing or just outdated?

If you are going to build a website, build it right. Your business deserves more effort than just a slap up website. People base their decisions off of a visual sense and having at least a decent professional website is a start. So put some time and effort and plan your website. It doesn’t have to be a $5000.00 website but even that is no where near a lot of money once you see how much it gives back.

Keep it clean and effective. Adding good content will improve the interest of the reader so give them as much info as they can read. Besides, it’s great for the search engines.

I will continue my tips for marketing in future posts but for now, work on this and get out there and hustle!

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