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Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Door Ding Removal Fairfield – Vacaville, Ca – DentExpressPDR.com

Looking for a hard working and honest paintless dent repair and door ding removal company in Fairfield or Vacaville California? You found them now!

Eric Patton of Dent Express PDR, (Owner) started out years ago taking a one week class from a major PDR school in California. By the end of his training, he knew the trade was going to be very difficult if he had not had the determination and ambition to become the best he could. He practiced and practiced for hours after his full time job in his garage. Experience was the ultimate payoff that would help him become a master PDR tech in the future.


He then was hired with a local PDR company in his area for two years. Eric began to master the art of paintless dent removal and gained much experience by working on all types of vehicles. His family grew and so did his ambition. He later decided it was best for him to move on and start his own company. It paid off! Eric is one of the few who made it in the PDR business under these circumstances, not to mention the best now. A company like Dent Express PDR is the best choice to for paintless dent repair and door ding removal in Fairfield and Vacaville, California.

Contact them today at 707-438-3256 or visit their official website DentExpressPDR.com

PDR Price Guide Video Helps Consumers Understand Cost of Paintless Dent Repair/Removal

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair and Door Ding Removal Cost?

Dent Time creates a well organized video about the common door dings to the complex dent repairs with average prices. Something that has never even been done before is now reality. This easy to understand PDR price guide video explains what a door ding is, the typical size and what it might cost. The video even justifies a difficulty level so consumers can compare their own damage. It even shows an automated diagram on how to take a photo at the correct angle.

Dent Time plans on selling customizing these videos to other PDR companies who might be intersted having their own. Most can market them on their own websites, give to insurance companies and outside promotions.


Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Ding Removal PDR


Picture1-7.png Dent Magic John (Ohio) picture by 420dent

It’s Dent Magic John to the rescue in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio for paintless dent removal and door ding repair. From your typical door dings to those unwanted minor dents. DentMagicJohn.com can save you tons of time and money without you even being away from your vehicle. Most door ding take less than one hour to remove and multiple door dings range between 1-3 hours. All work is guranteed to your satisfaction.

1/3 the cost of a collision shop

No Painting, Sanding or Fillers

Preserves original and factory finish

Mobile service to home/office

Call Dent Magic John today at 1-866-755-DENT(3368)

Serving: Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Montgomery County, Oh, Centerville, Brookville, Carlisle, Huber Heights, Kettering, Oakwood, Trotwood, Vandalia, Butler, West Carrollton, Miami County, Troy, Piqua, Tipp city, Covington, Englewood, West Milton, Green County, Beavercreek, Fairborn,  Xenia, Yellow Springs, Union, Warren County, Springboro, Franklin, Lebanon, Mason, West Chester, Blue Ash, Kings Local, Butler County, Fairfield,  Hamilton, Madison, Middletown, Hamilton County, Oh, Clermont County, Oh, Shelby County, Oh, Sidney, Darke County, Oh, Greenville, Preble County, Oh, Clark County, Oh, Springfield, Champaign county, Oh, Logan County, Oh, Mercer County, Oh, Celina, Auglaize County, Oh, Minster, New Bremen, Saint Mary’s,  And Surrounding Cities,

Dent Time Gives Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Tutorial

Line Board PDR – Paintless Dent Repair Tutorial- 9-3 Saab


Dent Time expalines and shows a little bit on how they removed a fairly deep baseball dent on the corner of the rear quarter panel. The repair took about 3 hours. As most know, dealing with corner dents there is always a lot of tension around the edges. Pushing the dent from behind first did not work. Nor did it help by knocking down as well. 


Starting the Dent

It was only obvious that glue pulling was going to play a factor when it came to removing the dent. Pushing from behind would only force it and cause unwanted push marks and jeopardizing the integrity of the finish. About three pulls later, the dent was only a quarter way removed but there was a price to pay. The clear coat was hair-lining. If the dent was pulled any further, it would have pulled the paint right off. The hair-line fractures were barely noticeable and the repair continued. 


Crown Releasing

Knocking down the crowns was much easier since now the pressure was taken off. We never really try to do too much at once. Always keeping our dents balanced is one of our key techniques for a successful dent removal. We use a semi sharp knockdown and carefully work the outside. Unfortunately sometimes and knockdown can cause unwanted tap down pits. Although it can be fixed, it just takes more time in the end to finish. We show this on our video tutorial later. 


Pushing the Dent

Finally we were able to use a soft tip tool and work from the outside of the dent towards the middle. Now we had to go back n forth between pushing and knocking down. Lastly, we used a sharper tool to pin point all the mistaps caused by the sharp crowns. Indeed it was tedious but it had to be done. 3 hours later it was completed. Video coming soon..


PDR Seems To Be the Leading Service In Automotive Reconditioning

It seems by now that paintless dent removal (PDR) is by the far the most versatile and profitable service compared to all other auto recon services. Some other services like, bumper repair and mobile auto body repair have good higher ticket averages but with PDR you can get more done in less time. In most cases, PDR is performed within 30-60 minutes. Average cost is between $85-$150. Mobile bumper repair, 2-3 hours and average cost is $225-$275. But… there’s materials, health hazards, bigger vehicle, more gas and time are all factors. If one was to get into the automotive reconditioning industry, their first consideration would be to train in PDR. Now the downside is, PDR takes time to learn properly, not to mention the training is the utmost important. Dent Time PDR Training and Top Gun PDR Training are a couple of good one on one private clinics to learn from. One reason is to learn PDR is the low start up cost and no overhead and materials once you have your initial tools. Unless you loose your tools, you won’t really have to worry inventory. If you are a tool nut, then you might be spending some coin but it won’t because you have to. PDR seems to be the core of the automotive reconditioning industry. Once you offer the service, profits seem to sore with less outflow. Even if you don’t personally offer the service, you might consider hiring a sub-contractor or going to a recommended school. BEWARE! Don’t fall for those 1 week training courses. If you can’t afford 2-4 weeks, then don’t even go. Save your money and time and go when can. Paintless dent removal is becoming more and more popular than ever. Most PDR companies have added on other services and have become a real player in the all-in one automotive business. Veteran PDR techs developed a sense of need from the customers and in todays day in age, it’s all about services offered. Then again, the truth is how good are your services? Quality before volume. You master quality, you mastered your business.  

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