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Akron, Ohio Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Door Ding Removal

Dent repair in Ohio offers premium paintless dent repair to the surrounding areas of Akron, Ohio. Most dings and dents are removed within 1 hour or less and are backed with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Please visit their official website for more info and details. You can also email them photos from their website to get an online estimate.

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Paintless Dent Removal / Repair Saves Motorcycle Tank From Costly Repair

Dent Time of San Diego shows a bit of the process of how PDR is performed on a Suzuki motorcycle tank through video. Paintless dent repmoval once again proves how effective the process can be even for motorcycles. This process does have its road blocks just like any other circumstance. An example would be if the inside gas tank has a barrier blocking access, also known as a baffle. The inside neck (from the fuel opening) could be a bit too long and not allow a tool to get a proper angle.

There will be a detailed instructional dvd coming later next month explaining the step by step process.

Mobile Bumper Repair is Good Enough for Rolls Royce Owners

zyxamt.jpegBumper Time in San Diego demonstrates why it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have, you’ll still save money without sacrificing quality.

As mobile bumper repair becomes more and more popular around the US and even around the world, it’s no question that this service saves time and money when performed correctly. From your daily driver to your high line exotic like the Rolls Royce Phantom, the results of a good repair is cost effective.

The process usually entails, resurfacing the area (sanding) to a smooth surface. Then applying primer, base coat and last but not least the clear coat for a factory shine again. In most cases, almost all mobile bumper repair companies guarantee their work. And a lot offer written lifetime warranties like Bumper Time. Bumper Time also promotes “guaranteed exact color match” even with 3 stage high metalic finishes and tri-coat paints such as pearl white.

Eventually though water base paint is coming and making the switch can be a costly one. Depending what water borne paint system  is chosen, it will vary in price. Glasurit and PPG seem to have the full line ready and soon to follow Standox, Sherwin Williams, Dupont.

In time, mobile bumper repair will be the first alternative to repairing a bumper. Unless you like taking your vehicle to a shop for 2-3 days and paying much more, then mobile bumper repair is a good alternative to consider.

Job Opportunities for Qualified Mobile Paint Techs in Los Angeles

Now Hiring  Mobile Paint n Bumper Repair Techs Los Angeles

Los Angeles area (SOS Bumper) is now hiring qualified mobile bumper and paint repair technicians. They are looking for high energy, responsible and qualified technicians who enjoy working outdoors and getting paid well.

State of the art mobile vehicle, supplies and spray guns included!

Contact David Pelikan at 310.923.5932

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