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Seattle Mobile Alloy Wheel / Rim Repair Restoration

Exclusive Recon Express
Seattle Mobile Alloy Wheel / Rim Repair Restoration

Save time and money with Seattle’s Mobile Auto Wheel Repair. From curb scrapes to scratched wheels and rims, this service can be performed at your home or office. No need to worry about removing your wheel. This mobile wheel repair service is performed while still on your vehicle!

If you are not located in Seattle and wish to locate a local company in your area, please contact ReconExpress.com for your nearest wheel repair company.

Hawaii – Oahu Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR) – Honolulu

Hawaii – Auto Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Oahu – CERTIFIED (808.282.9874) mobile paintless dent repair and door ding removal. From door dings to a minor dent repair, your dent is carefully removed w/out disturbing your paint finish. Contact Alden for more details.

If you need to learn more about auto reconditioning, please visit our official website at Reconexpress.com or other blog

Video Dent/Crease Repair – Paintless Dent Removal Training (PDR)

Denttime.com of San Diego paintless dent repair, removes a crease and demonstrates precise tool tip control. You can also visit their blog.

Removing creases can be pretty tricky for the most part. Imagine taking a piece of paper, folding it and then trying to iron the line out.

Performing paintless dent repair with creases take precise tool tip control. We use a special and unique board called the “Lines.” This line board basically is point of reference. It tells us where to push, if the metal is going outward or inward. As you watch the video, be aware the tool is being wedged between the impact beam and the skin of the panel. A very thin tool as you see in the video (whale tail) is used for applying pressure with one side of the blade. Perfect pushes blend the dent into the orange peel. Depending on how deep a crease is, the results vary between 90-100% removal.

If you are planning to have PDR done in the near future and you are not in San Diego, please note, repairs vary depending on the individual experience of your PDR technician. Find a local PDr tech in your area and visit reconexpress.com for a PDR tech near you.

Advanced Paintless Dent Removal PDR Training

Although this diagram demonstrates a tactical way to remove a big dent with paintless dent repair, it is highly recommended to get professional one-on-one PDR training to gain the fullest benefits.

This PDR dent was attacked using a glue pulling method and finished off with lots of crown work and precision pushing with steel rods. We would like to stress, there were many steps between the photos to get this dent completely out. A big dent like this requires high experience and patience to get satisfactory results. We will in the future post a video of how much of a monster and challenging paintless dent repair this was.

Knowing how to remove big dents is all about knowing how to finish. If you can’t finish a small pitted ding, you won’t be able to finish a big dent. Big dents have many elements that are involved in a repair such as; crowns, trapped pressure, knocking down, tool selection, where to start and how to finish.

If you have questions about advanced paintless dent removal/repair pdr training, please either visit denttime.com or post a comment and we’ll be glad to give some feed back.

For learn more information regarding auto reconditioning or a company near you, please visit reconexpress.com

Los Angeles Mobile Plastic Bumper Repair-ECO Friendly

SOS Bumper goes water borne for mobile plastic bumper repair in Los Angeles. This now environmental friendly paint system will help contribute support for the global warming awareness. Here’s is the rest of the story from another sister blog

Los Angeles – SOS Bumper is the first to set the trend for mobile waterborne paint repair. The word on the streets is all body shops and mobile bumper and paint techs will have to be compliant between 2009-2010.

SOS Bumper, which is actually a sub division of SOS Dent in Los Angeles, already purchased the Glasurit waterborne paint system.
David (Owner of SOS Bumper and Dent) says, “It’s been a real pain in the butt setting up the van because this is new territory for us.” He also mentions, “Most reps didn’t really know about the full reactions about the paint and the pros and con’s.” The pros, it lays on nicely and pretty much everything is the same. But.. the in between time for drying is not so great. For most body shops, it’s not such a big deal. The difference with waterborne and oil base paint is the dry time and the methods. Oil base uses lights, heat and UV lights to cure the paint. Waterborne uses forced air.

The problem with forced air is it might blow dust onto the fresh paint and trap debris if not in a controlled environment. “It’ll be a little challenging but we are eager to see how its going to be”, says David.

Waterborne paint seems to be the future. As a mobile auto reconditioning owner myself, in my opinion, I believe the auto paint industry will have later updates with new technology just for these reasons. Besides, they have a soon to be huge mobile market to cater to!

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