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PDR Price Guide Video –

6e5mai.jpegIf you have always wanted to write up some sort of price chart regarding your prices and cost regarding your PDR services, then this video might be for you! It is liked very much in the PDR industry as one of the well thought out paintless dent removal price guides. This video is designed to be placed on a PDR company website and begin a professional presentation regarding types of dents, cost, and difficulty. As a cool little bonus, it even explains how to take a correct photo from a certain angle and email it.

The PDR Price Guide Video is for sale for other PDR companies interested having the same type of presentation on their own website. It can be customized with company logo, info, price preferences, into and outro. The cost for the product is $350 and can be purchased through AutoLecture.com


PDR Price Guide Video Helps Consumers Understand Cost of Paintless Dent Repair/Removal

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair and Door Ding Removal Cost?

Dent Time creates a well organized video about the common door dings to the complex dent repairs with average prices. Something that has never even been done before is now reality. This easy to understand PDR price guide video explains what a door ding is, the typical size and what it might cost. The video even justifies a difficulty level so consumers can compare their own damage. It even shows an automated diagram on how to take a photo at the correct angle.

Dent Time plans on selling customizing these videos to other PDR companies who might be intersted having their own. Most can market them on their own websites, give to insurance companies and outside promotions.


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