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San Francisco Bay Area – Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

Dent Crew of San Francisco Bay Area mobile paintless dent repair / removal (PDR) offers high quality results at affordable prices.

No need to take your vehicle to a collision shop if the paint has not been or severely damaged. Dent Crew comes to your home or office and usually within 30-60 minutes, your dings and dents are restored back to pre-accident condition without using paint or fillers. WATCH HOW PDR IS PERFORMED.

Need an estimate for your dings or dents? Please email Dent Crew your photos by clicking here. If you have questions about Dent Crew’s services, please contact them direct at 415-238-3090.

If you are not from San Francisco Bay Area, please visit to find a local technician near you.

What’s the difference between Ding vs. Dent?

When it comes to paintless dent removal/repair (PDR), there are ways to categorize types of dents. So, what’s the difference? Simple.

“Door Ding”

A ding or more commonly known as a “door ding” is considered no bigger than the size of a quarter. Although these types of dings are considered common repairs made by Dent Time of San Diego and most other PDR companies around the country. Door dings can also range in price depending on how sharp, location and access. The average time to repair a typical door ding ranges between 15 minutes to an hour. Multiple dings on multiple panels vary between 1-2 hours.


A dent is considered the size of a silver dollar or bigger. In general, a dent is sharper, bigger and require more time to remove. Depending where it is located on the panel, the PDR technician must determine access points for leverage as well. Again, prices vary depending on depth, location, and access. The average repair time for removing a common dent about the size of a grapefruit is between 1-2 hours. Multiple dents vary between 1-4 hours.


A crease is considered a dent or ding that has a line shape indentation in the metal panel. This type of crease can vary in width, length and depth. A crease is also considered one of the most difficult repairs to achieve for most common PDR companies. A good reason for this would be to say that it is like folding a piece of paper and then trying to iron the line out. If not performed correctly, you will still be left with a smaller or thinner line. With this in mind, it is strongly considered to choose an experienced PDR company who specializes in creases and complex dents like ourselves. Average repair time for a single crease varies between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Seattle Mobile Paintless Dent Repair / Ding Removal PDR

Serving the Seattle, Washington area. Mobile paintless dent repair is an affordable and cost-effective way to remove those unwanted door dings, creases and dents without using paint or fillers. Most dings and dents removed within 60 minutes!

This Seattle paintless dent removal service will be serving all the surrounding areas. For more information or to locate a technician near you, please go to

Please feel free to post any questions or comments regarding PDR.

Bang 4 Your Buck Advertising – Auto Reconditioning

Attention All Auto Reconditioning Companies! Paintless Dent Repair/Removal(PDR) – Plastic Bumper Repair- Wheel/Rim Repair

If you happen to be in the auto reconditioning business, you probably have been through the ringer with advertisement costs and let downs. We all know in the past, phone books worked but there was a hefty price to pay. Some cases, you might have barely broke even or just simply didn’t come out on top. As the years went, the web grew stronger and the phone books became less and less effective but still had the same price tag! Same goes for direct marketing. This type of advertising is more like gambling. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. In most cases if your charge ticket average is not high enough, you usually break even, barely make a profit or none at all. There were other ways to advertise your auto recon services but how long did it last? Did the advertisers you pay really care if you were making money?

Well, we decided to change things up. After years of advertising and getting no loyalty or breaks from advertisers, we knew we could give a BANG 4 YOUR BUCK! Auto reconditioning is still very new to the public and is just scratching the surface. We at took a deep look on the web and understood many auto reconditioning companies and individual technicians needed something built for them. We concentrated on promoting auto recon services such as paintless dent removal, plastic bumper repair, mobile auto body & paint, wheel/rim repair and so forth.

Our goal is to promote your company like one of our own. We sign up only ONE EXPERIENCED auto reconditioning company for one major city. If available, that one company can purchase multiple services in that area. That’s not it. We design custom marketing ads that you can use for your own web campaigns, such as a Craigslist ad and other online advertising (See Craiglist ad). Our services can even help you develop a stronger and much bigger identity in the auto reconditioning market. We even have a team of video specialist who can create a custom video for your website, youtube or anything else you see fit.

We at invite you to come visit what we have to offer. We also invite you to please ask questions or comment about this really unique opportunity for online auto recon advertising.

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