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PDR and Mobile Auto Body n Paint Go Hand n Hand – Auto Reconditioning

Back in the early days of auto reconditioning everyone was operating separately. Nobody interacted with each other. Some still do but why? More and more divisions are combining their services to work hand and hand with each other. If you notice, there seems to be a need for the other at one point or another. If it’s not PDR, it’s bumper repair. If it’s not bumper repair, it’s a panel spot repair, wheel repair and so on and so on.

Networking seems to be the new thing. PDR companies either use or have their own paint guy and vise versa with the mobile paint n body. Actually, the mobile paint n body guys love working with PDR guys. It cuts down the repair time by 1-2 hours in some cases. In benefit, less or no filler is needed, which leads to a better repair. Everyone wins. Customer and technician.

We always say, work smarter, not harder. Our opinion, we think the future of auto reconditioning is about groups of companies either networking tightly or joining forces to work together as a team. The results are usually fantastic but it all depends on professionalism. On-time, dependable and quality is a must.

As you see in the video, a PDR tech is used to help level the dent without using a lot of filler. In most cases, little or no filler is used at all. This seems to be a very good selling point to the customer who may have a concern. It also shows that a company is going the extra mile to help retain the appearance of their vehicle as well.

A pair of professionals from Orange County, California -Vince from and Rick from were the team who worked hand n hand.


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