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Posts Tagged ‘dent time’ PDR Dent Repair Forum – Interview w/ Dent Time

Here is a specific video that helps you gain some info about the well known paintless dent removal forum, Learn and watch how this dent repair forum can help you connect with others, learn and grow. Myke Toledo with Dent Time interviews Ricky Bayne about the PDR Forum.

New Car Dent Removal | Bumper Repair Site for San Diego, OC, and LA

A catchy new automotive paintless dent removal and bumper repair website gets an overhaul. Created for the PDR and bumper repair companies in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Staying current with the times can be difficult but mainly worth it. These these days, you have to be on your A game or see your business slow down.

Apparently it’s still in design mode and will only get better as the finishing touches get completed. Social media icons, news and more things to come are already in the works. It appears the social media is getting crazy vital to small business’ across the world. It’s amazing how things change and that is most likely why this website from Dent Time feels the same.

Dent Time – Jumpin PDR and Bumper Repair Service

San Diego, California – Dent Time puts out a super quick short video about promoting fast and jumping service for paintless dent removal and bumper repair. Servicing all of San Diego and North County.

Crease Dent Repair / Ride Along with Dent Time / Learning PDR

Dent Time of San Diego seems to be doing lots of interesting video when it comes to paintless dent repair. The pdr videos are more of a reality series than anything. Most of the videos are not typical dents and if the dents are typical, the vehicles sure aren’t. If you like to see how creases are removed, then this video might entertain you. Doesn’t explain in detail but he claims he will give out the details in a new dvd coming out called glue pull practicals.

Check out the latest paintless dent repair series from Dent Time. You can find them at one of their websites,, or


New Website for Dent Time is Coming Along – Auto Reconditioning

Dent Time Paintless Dent Repair / Removal San DiegoDent Time is currently building a live prototype site called that will become the official site of Although this domain will remain live, is planning to have a similar site with a bit more goodies.

Myke Toledo who is the President of Dent Time, LLC works on his own websites and thoughtfully plans out a mega information site for his future customers. From high definition educational videos to informative FAQ’s pages that give the visitor all the information they could ever need. Myke Toledo says he wants the visitor to have the choice to read or watch about the services offered. Also inform his future clients why there is a difference between companies and quality. “I have a lot of passion for the auto recon industry and so why not show it”, says Myke Toledo. Myke also states his goal is to have his site become the most interactive site with live video streaming, chat and online training sessions. He’s already been creating pdr training downloads and free videos to view on Youtube.

He doesn’t quite know when he will launch the new site but it’s a matter of feel and being satisfied. “It seems I’m never satisfied and I feel I have a disease. Every time I think I am happy with my work, I think I can do better.”, Myke explains. “That is my biggest problem and sometimes it holds me back.” Myke told us that he has a lot of open projects and in between that, he consults other companies and trains pdr privately to students from all over the world. Training was another motivation for creating a new web site so his future students can actually educate themselves why there is a difference where you get your pdr training and how.

Keep checking out for Myke Toledo’s latest updates.

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