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New Make Over for Recon Express Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce Recon Express will be changing it’s look within in the next week and creating a more user friendly website. Navigation will be more organized and there will be a page for advertisers to check out more in depth how Recon Express will help their income grow rapidly.

DentTime.com who is a Counsin of Recon Express has already begun a huge renovation of their site. Dent Time’s new site will be launched toward the end of September.

Much like Dent Time, Recon Express automotive reconditioning will have tons of good information with appealing icons, videos and user firendly menues.

Our Advertisers

Recon Express is always developing a new way to help our advertiser get the most out of their advertising investment. We’ll design a more comfortable and appealing design. More options fo your potential customers to find you. We’ll even have special announcements for our advertisers on the front page as well.

Coming Soon

We’ll also announce special projects and interviews from some of the best technicians and companies out there. This includes more in depth tech articles, techniques and type of tools or materials used with a repair such as; a bumper repair or paintless dent removal.

Stay tuned and keep checking back often.

PDR Companies offer More than one Service – Bumper, Wheel, Scratch Repair

Seems these days more and more paintless dent repair companies are either forming their own auto reconditioning companies or sub contracting the work out. Either way it adds more profit to the bottom line. Bumper repair alone can earn $250k a year. Wheel repair $100k plus. Why not? If you have an organized plan and a good team, your own your way to success.

Franchises are really not the way to go though. You can achieve the same thing on your own but if you have already experience in the industry, it’s really not hard. The hardest is getting the right honest, dependable and responsible technicians. Oh did I forget, quality is always a must too.

The future is a well rounded company who can offer all the services with affordable good service. Not cheap, I said “affordable”. If you realize your service has value, your customers will too. It’s just the way it goes. You play the low ball game, you then become the game. You’ll be forever caught up in it until you burn out. Well enough about that.

The best advice I can give is to pace yourself. Pay attention to your business plan, keep your budget and market towards the internet. Maintain balance and don’t let your wheel get wobbly. Other wise you are heading for a shaky ride.

Everything has it’s dues. Bumper and wheel repair can have very picky people. Problems can happen like dust, runs, fish eyes, unmatched paint and so forth. But everything has it’s payoff as well. If you are willing to go through some learning challenges and adventures, you’ll get to the end of the tunnel. If you’re worried about failing, then you should be more worried about not succeeding .

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