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Mobile Alloy Wheel / Rim Repair / Restoration Saves Money.

Ever curb scrape your wheel or bent your rim from a pot hole? We know messing up part of your vehicle can put a real dent on how you feel or even your pocket after the fact. Well there’s a pretty good alternative to repairing your scuffed or scratched wheels w/out the high cost of replacement. It’s called mobile wheel/rim repair and restoration.

Mobile wheel and rim repair seems to be getting pretty popular since the early 90’s. Once the mid 90’s hit, it was all about showing off the wheels. Mobile wheel repair has it’s limits though. Chrome and bent wheels are done in shop only. Chrome in most cases has to be re-dipped and cost sometimes more that the wheel is worth. Bent wheels (Prices vary between $135-$165 per wheel) are repaired within one day and depending on how busy a company is, turn-around can vary between 1-2 days if done local.

Alloy and high polished aluminum wheels seem to be the most popular type of wheel and the most common to fix. These wheels are usually fixed on site. The cool thing about mobile wheel repair is your rim is restored w/out it even coming off the vehicle! On average, the time it takes to repair a wheel is between 30-45 minutes depending on the damage. I’m sure you are wondering the cost as well? that too depends how severe the damage but usually varies between $100-$150 per wheel. Most companies have a set price unless beyond norm.

Do you have questions about wheel repair or in need of the service in your area? Feel free to chime in and give us your feedback or post your own concerns.

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