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First Series Line Board DVD Released (Paintless Dent Repair Training Video)

Paintless Dent Repair Training Using a Line Board

Paintless Dent Repair Training Using a Line Board

There is a new paintless dent removal /repair dvd video on the market called, Line Board 101 PDR Training. Here is a little insight about it…

Myke Toledo ( and David Pelikan ( demonstrate the introduction of the line board and paintless dent removal. Two dedicated and successful PDR companies combine their experience to help bring you up to speed with the line board and basic PDR repair.

This DVD was created so you can see the details as if you were there yourself. We know all too well paintless dent repair takes much practice and dedication can be a nightmare without some proper guidance. Whether you are a newbie or veteran who wants to learn more about the line board, you’ll appreciate the detailed explanations and graphic animations that assist your learning curve.

The PDR Line Board 101 Training DVD will help you stay in good habit, while becoming more consistent and perfecting your skills in the art of PDR. The DVD goes for $39.99 and can be purchased at

PDR Training Manual/Book Explains Process of Paintless Dent Repair with Lines


Well, there is now finally a video about the line board manual for those who want to know more about it. The video gives a good summary of what to expect and you’ll be able to see how the layout looks as well. This is packaged very well in a wired book style binder with gloss pages. Something every tool company and product line should consider. From your common door ding removal to identifying crowns, you’ll see well organized pages that are thought out and designed.

Co-creator David Pelikan ( helped with the design layout and post production. Just as usual, Dent Time puts much effort on presentation. This manual is intended for those who want to get familiar with PDR and those who want to get familiar with the line board itself. The line board is intersting to most because it’s reflection are straight lines that cast a curvature across the dent or ding. Obviously if the lines are not straight, the dent is not gone. Pretty straight and forward but the training is not. As anticipated, the manual is not designed for technicians to learn right from the start. It’s merely a tool to help assist and develop better habits while learning the art of paintless dent removal.

You can purchase the line board and pdr manual at

PDR Price Guide Video –

6e5mai.jpegIf you have always wanted to write up some sort of price chart regarding your prices and cost regarding your PDR services, then this video might be for you! It is liked very much in the PDR industry as one of the well thought out paintless dent removal price guides. This video is designed to be placed on a PDR company website and begin a professional presentation regarding types of dents, cost, and difficulty. As a cool little bonus, it even explains how to take a correct photo from a certain angle and email it.

The PDR Price Guide Video is for sale for other PDR companies interested having the same type of presentation on their own website. It can be customized with company logo, info, price preferences, into and outro. The cost for the product is $350 and can be purchased through


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