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Windshield Protection Film – No More Rock Chips!

This content was taken from Proline Windshield

Proline Windshield Skins (PWS) is an auto clear protective window film applied to the exterior surface of a windshield. Its purpose is to prevent damage from ordinary highway rock strikes and other road debris. Impacts which shatter unprotected glass leave only a minimal pin-point on the film, preserving its optical clarity. Like glass, PWS is scratch resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions (including windshield wipers). PWS also provides optical clarity and UV protection. The film is virtually invisible and is guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow, for the warranted life of the product (see Features and Benefits for warranty details) therefore the driver’s vision is not impaired.

There are three main benefits in installing PWS:
• Impact resistance against normal road hazards.
• UV stabilizers which reduce vehicle heat, prolonging interior life.
• Faster run-off rain, snow and other elements, providing better visibility.

Some other Features & Benefits:

Scratch Resistant – PWS is a hard-coated film that features much the same scratch resistant qualities as glass and protects against normal abrasions such as windshield wipers.

Remains Adhered to Windshield – the adhesive used is strong enough that high-powered car wash streams do not cause the film to lift. Although the PWS is not permanent it has a unique adhesive that keeps the film adhered tightly to the windshield. If the PWS needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed using a semi-sharp instrument, such as a knife blade, to lift up one corner of the film. Proceed by pulling the film with constant pressure, after the film is removed completely use a basic soap and water solution to clean off any adhesive residue (additional details on the removal of PWS is available).

Two-year Limited Warranty – PWS offers a Two-year or 24,000 mile Warranty.

Weather Repellant – Yes the product repels rain and snow to give the driver a clearer and safer viewing during driving (performs similar to Rain-X).

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