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PDR Seems To Be the Leading Service In Automotive Reconditioning

It seems by now that paintless dent removal (PDR) is by the far the most versatile and profitable service compared to all other auto recon services. Some other services like, bumper repair and mobile auto body repair have good higher ticket averages but with PDR you can get more done in less time. In most cases, PDR is performed within 30-60 minutes. Average cost is between $85-$150. Mobile bumper repair, 2-3 hours and average cost is $225-$275. But… there’s materials, health hazards, bigger vehicle, more gas and time are all factors. If one was to get into the automotive reconditioning industry, their first consideration would be to train in PDR. Now the downside is, PDR takes time to learn properly, not to mention the training is the utmost important. Dent Time PDR Training and Top Gun PDR Training are a couple of good one on one private clinics to learn from. One reason is to learn PDR is the low start up cost and no overhead and materials once you have your initial tools. Unless you loose your tools, you won’t really have to worry inventory. If you are a tool nut, then you might be spending some coin but it won’t because you have to. PDR seems to be the core of the automotive reconditioning industry. Once you offer the service, profits seem to sore with less outflow. Even if you don’t personally offer the service, you might consider hiring a sub-contractor or going to a recommended school. BEWARE! Don’t fall for those 1 week training courses. If you can’t afford 2-4 weeks, then don’t even go. Save your money and time and go when can. Paintless dent removal is becoming more and more popular than ever. Most PDR companies have added on other services and have become a real player in the all-in one automotive business. Veteran PDR techs developed a sense of need from the customers and in todays day in age, it’s all about services offered. Then again, the truth is how good are your services? Quality before volume. You master quality, you mastered your business.  

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