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PDR Dent Repair Training – Large Paintless Dent Removal

Wrote by: Myke Toledo – Dent Time San Diego – Paintless Dent Repair/Removal PDR Training

Being a well rounded paintless dent repair / removal PDR tech means you can adapt. From deep door dings to large and stretched dents, you should be able to handle about 90% of the dents come your way or more important, you take on.

Performing large and complex dent repairs do pay off. Some PDR techs think there is no money doing these type of repairs. We would like to disagree. If your time is valuable and you do above average work, you can very well indeed make a great living doing these type of PDR repairs. Come to think of it, most people are not as concerned with small door dings as they are with big dents like in the diagram.

Advanced PDR training is a good option to consider if you plan to be doing PDR for a awhile. Even in some cases a dent is not going to come out 100%, you can still make a customer very satisfied based on what you had to work with in the first place. Before we begin a repair, Dents like these we are always clear to the customer they will most likely notice a slight wave or indentation near the body line. It is almost certain with clear and upfront communication, your customer will be happy.

Although there was much more involved with this dent repair than what was shown in the diagram.This diagrams gives a sneak peak of the basic PDR Line Board Manual that is now out on sale at AutoLecture.com.

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