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Hail Paintless Dent Repair Techs for Hire

hail-damage-1 Eric Hummel from PDRStar.com is taking applications for veteran pdr hail repair technicians. This hail repair season is here and getting ready to hit. So if you are a hard working, go getter who has lots of integrity, then contact Eric for details. EricHummel@pdrstar.com

PDR Star St. Louis, MO – National Hail Damage Team for Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

St. Louis Paintless Dent Removal / Hail Damage Repair

St. Louis Paintless Dent Removal / Hail Damage Repair

PDR Star (St. Louis, Mo) seems to be doing a fine job when it comes to marketing their paintless dent removal company who specialized in the hail repair industry. But that’s not what they just want to be known for. They are also expanding their growing company in the auto reconditioning industry. PDR Star is planning to open a retail shop soon to be announced in the near future. As of now, they have started a new blog called PDRStar.blogspot.com and it looks to be interesting.

Reconexpress.com has also just began to work with PDR Star as well to help them gain even more popularity in internet market. New videos will be added to their existing video library for the web within a couple of months. As of now, we are creating web campaigns as we speak. Look out for PDR Star in the hail repair industry and local areas if St. Louis, Mo. Visit their main website at www.pdrstar.com or call them direct at 1-888-85-DENTS

Crease Dent Repair / Ride Along with Dent Time / Learning PDR

Dent Time of San Diego seems to be doing lots of interesting video when it comes to paintless dent repair. The pdr videos are more of a reality series than anything. Most of the videos are not typical dents and if the dents are typical, the vehicles sure aren’t. If you like to see how creases are removed, then this video might entertain you. Doesn’t explain in detail but he claims he will give out the details in a new dvd coming out called glue pull practicals.

Check out the latest paintless dent repair series from Dent Time. You can find them at one of their websites www.denttime.com, dentrepairsandiego.com, sandiegodentremoval.com or bumpertime.com


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