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Paintless Dent Repair Training / Body Line BMW M3

My name is Myke Toledo and I would like to share my body line paintless dent repair I performed on a BMW M3. The dent took over 2 hours to do. If you are looking into pdr training, then you should consider really understand that paintless dent removal is not nearly as easy as it appears.

But back to the subject. A body line dent requires advanced training and understanding how the metal reacts when pushed a certain way with a certain tool. Mainly it is the paint finish you have to worry about. Unlocking the metal helps the paint finish to become more flexible. I used heat in the video as you can see and it helped tremendous. Without using heat, this dent repair would not have been successful. In the early days, a dent like this would not have been even considered for pdr. But today, I have the experience, the latest tools and most of all patience.

No matter how long or your experience, if you don’t understand how to be patient or manage your time, you will rush and not get the best result possible. Anyways, I hope you liked the light pdr dent repair tutorial.

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