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Charlotte, NC Mobile Alloy Bent Wheel / Rim Repair / Restoration Rim Guard

screen-shot-2010-02-06-at-10418-pm1 Well, we thought anyone in North Carolina, Charlotte who might be interested in mobile alloy wheel repair would appreciate this blog about Rim Guard. Rim Guard is a auto reconditioning company who specializes in wheel and rim repair. They are conveniently mobile and come to your home or office. They specialize in curb scrapes, chips, pot holes, bent wheels, curb rash and even color changes.

This wheel repair service is ideal for alloy and aluminum rims. If you happen to have chrome, well you might be out of luck since chrome requires a re-dip. Anyhow, take a look at Rim Guard and save some money because you just have to repair and not replace! CallĀ 704-577-7072 and ask for Derek

Why Some Factory Bumpers Don’t Match – Mobile Bumper Repair

Facts On Bumper Color – Mobile Bumper / Scratch Paint Repair

This post is to inform the public why the factory original color of bumper and trim pieces may not match the rest of the vehicle from the start.

Causes of Color Variations:

#1 A color can vary depending on the substrate on which it is painted. For example, the evaporation rate for solvent varies over metal or plastic. A longer rate gives a flake pigment additional time to “float” and can darken the face of the color.

#2 The body was painted on a production line at the factory, while other parts, such as the bumper and trim were painted at another location using a different application method.

#3 Slight adjustments can be made during application creating a lighter or darker color, causing the metallics or mica elements to lay down differently.

#4 Light reflects differently on curved and flat surfaces causing the appearance of a color shift.

In conclusion, repainting a plastic bumper might have the same effects. Although mobile bumper repair in general matches paint back to factory specifications, it is possible on same repair cases, there would be a slight color shift. This commonly happens with paint colors such as; pearl white, silver and other 3 stage tri coats.

Please click here for more info regarding mobile plastic bumper repair and scratch repair.

New Automotive Recon Shop / Paintless Dent Removal / Bumper Repair New Jersey

JohnnyDents.com is set to open a new automotive reconditioning shop in New Jersey. The new auto recon shop will cater to paintless dent removal (PDR), bumper repair, wheel and rim restoration and much more! The new address of the shop will be located at 2710 Handdonfield Dr. Pennsauken, New Jersey 08110

Good luck Johnny Dents!

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