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Getting a Quick Quote

If you happen to be in the automotive reconditioning scene then you might consider this unique approach on how to guide your customers to get a free and fast estimate. AutoLecture.com sells this professional video that can be customized for your company profile for $250 and ReconExpress.com advertisers save $100 making it only a $150!. It’s well organized and encourages customers to email or text photos to your email or phone. You simply stay connected faster and more convenient than ever for the customer.

What’s really cool is that not only will it be professional to have this video on your site but an asset to anyone who plans to market the online local web. Youtube is a perfect tool to promote as for other video submissions such as Metacafe, Break, Revver and many more.

Here’s a perfect example of just how it looks and works.


Pre-Made PDR Proposal for Body Shops

PDR Body Shop ProposalThis clever proposal on sale at AutoLecture.com is a powerful marketing tool that does the work for you. The power packed proposal explains how your services can benefit their needs. The custom proposal comes with suggested ways you can approach you body shop clients as well. You don’t even have to write up anything. Just fill in the spots with your company logo and name and whala! In minutes your company has a professional proposal ready for marketing.

The proposal comes with 2 other pages that are full color with eye candy icons and an overview of what you want to show case like: on time service, your experience and prices. AutoLecture.com plans on releasing a presentation of how the proposal looks without giving away their product.

Your order is emailed to you in a file where you can customize yourself or have AutoLecure.com do it for you as well.

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