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Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Rockville, MD – Door Ding Removal (PDR)

Introducing DoctorDoorDing.com from Rockville, MD. Specializing in mobile auto paintless dent repair and door ding removal. This far east Company prides itself on quality and service. DoctorDoorDing.com is an independent company who pays close attention to detail when it comes to high quality PDR. From door dings to minor dents, your vehicle is brought back to it’s original factory look without using paint or fillers.

Check them out on ReconExpress! Serving the Maryland areas including: Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Silver Spring. Also Washington D.C. area

PDR – Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Tools – Lights – Boards – Tips – Products

Here at ReconExpress.com we’ll be adding PDR Tool manufactures who create paintless dent repair tools, lights, fog/line boards for the PDR industry. We’ll also demonstrate how they work and what use they bring. From hand tools, to light reflections, you’ll get to almost feel and touch a product before you buy! This feature will be added to our official site called PDR Tools & Products.

Stay tuned and coming soon!

PDR and Mobile Auto Body n Paint Go Hand n Hand – Auto Reconditioning

Back in the early days of auto reconditioning everyone was operating separately. Nobody interacted with each other. Some still do but why? More and more divisions are combining their services to work hand and hand with each other. If you notice, there seems to be a need for the other at one point or another. If it’s not PDR, it’s bumper repair. If it’s not bumper repair, it’s a panel spot repair, wheel repair and so on and so on.

Networking seems to be the new thing. PDR companies either use or have their own paint guy and vise versa with the mobile paint n body. Actually, the mobile paint n body guys love working with PDR guys. It cuts down the repair time by 1-2 hours in some cases. In benefit, less or no filler is needed, which leads to a better repair. Everyone wins. Customer and technician.

We always say, work smarter, not harder. Our opinion, we think the future of auto reconditioning is about groups of companies either networking tightly or joining forces to work together as a team. The results are usually fantastic but it all depends on professionalism. On-time, dependable and quality is a must.

As you see in the video, a PDR tech is used to help level the dent without using a lot of filler. In most cases, little or no filler is used at all. This seems to be a very good selling point to the customer who may have a concern. It also shows that a company is going the extra mile to help retain the appearance of their vehicle as well.

A pair of professionals from Orange County, California -Vince from DentsNoMore.com and Rick from MobilePaint.net were the team who worked hand n hand.


Automotive Reconditioning Protection Plans Are Becoming Standard with Dealerships.

More and more dealerships are gaining opportunity to sell automotive reconditioning plans such as; windshield repair, interior / leather repair and the newest addition, paintless dent removal (PDR).

One major company promoting these up-sale packages is Dent Zone.  Dent Zone is a company who provides the service for the sponsored manufactures. Packages are presented to the dealerships at a set price and the dealerships sell the packages for what ever they wish. This package is geared not only for the new car owner but EVEN an existing customer who visits the service center for normal service. In other words, this package can be offered for pre-existing damage. So, if a customer comes in for regular maintenance, the service drive has an opportunity to sell the “Ding Plan” right then and there. Even if the customer has dings or no dings they can be covered.

 How Long is the coverage and how much? 

For the public, it will range from $300-$800 depending how many years (paintless dent removal). Most dealers will be selling plans from 1-5 years. Now this can good or bad for a PDR tech. Good for the PDR tech who is already servicing the account. Bad for the outside PDR companies who try to target retail. Bad, the customer can be stuck with a PDR company who isn’t capable or not willing to cover the plan to his/her best ability.

When is this going to be in effect? NOW! It’s happening already and just approved from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in California.

Here’s a related article regarding the same subject.

Recon Express Adds New Video Feature for Auto Reconditionoing Advertiser

Automotive Reconditioning VideoThe Automotive Reconditioning Video Announcement

The long awaited launch of video promotion will be added to each advertising listing. This new and exciting feature will help draw more attention and even more potential customers for our advertisers. From paintless dent repair to bumper repair, each advertiser will have their own company video that is created through our already video footage. A logo and phone number is placed in the video for a customized company look.

How will it be promoted?

There are numerous ways we promote our clients videos. Obviously through ReconExpress.com and our powerful SEO blogs. That’s not all though. We intend to announce some other surprises when we officially launch the promotion on Tuesday April 1st. And no, it’s no April fools joke.

Here’s an example of what a common PDR video will look like (JohnnyDents.com) on each listing. Keep in mind, we will be doing the same for bumper repair, wheel repair, windshield and so forth. It’s probably one of the most powerful benefits we offer!


Custom Company Videos are Also an Option

Do you need a complete custom video created for your auto reconditioning company? We can help and you don’t even have to be an advertiser with us. We offer custom video production as an add on service. Our business is about the auto reconditioning industry and no other video production company can capture the details like we can. From a custom intro to a professional presentation, we capture your audience while providing a powerful selling tool you can use forever! Promote on your site, video sites, blogs or anywhere on the web! Please contact us for details

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